Wavelength Wednesday Focus on 905 nm Laser for Laser Radar (LiDAR)

Posted by Kristopher Hesson on Mar 16, 2016 11:07:22 AM

Each Wednesday we feature a specific wavelength of light and user submitted applications. This week's wavelength will focus on using a 905 nm laser for LiDAR.

WavelengthLIDAR from Airplane

905 nm 


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905 nm by Power Technology, Inc.

Description of Laser Application

From our friends at wikipedia: "Lidar is a surveying technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser light. Although thought by some to be an acronym of Light Detection And Ranging, the term lidar was actually created as a portmanteau of "light" and "radar". Lidar is popularly used as a technology to make high-resolution maps, with applications in geodesy, geomatics, archaeology, geography, geology, geomorphology, seismology, forestry, atmospheric physics, airborne laser swath mapping (ALSM) and laser altimetry. What is known as Lidar is sometimes simply referred to as laser scanning or 3D scanning, with terrestrial, airborne and mobile applications." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lidar)

In their own words: Lidar Speed Gun

905 nm pulsed lasers are commonly used becuase you can push a lot of power theough the laser diodes and the wavelength is unnaffected by rain, smoke, smog or other atmospheric conditions that can cause problems with some alternate wavelength lasers. That is also why they are pefect for your local speed trap. 905 nm lasers are very common  in the speed gun used by police around the world!


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