Stable, Affordable, Fiber- Coupled Laser Module Added to PTI Catalog.

Posted by Kristopher Hesson on Feb 17, 2016 1:56:06 PM

Power Technology Inc., laser experts in the photonics industry for 45 years, is introducing a new line of temperature-resistant, stable beam, fiber-coupled laser modules at the 2016 Photonics West show in San Francisco. The new laser modules, called the Fiber PM, offer remote delivery of beams in environments unsuitable for laser modules themselves by delivering the beam through fiber optic cable.  With a coupling efficiency that allows the precise power output required, the Fiber PM is ideal for OEM and industrial applications. The affordable price makes the Fiber PM ideal for any application requiring a stable beam without breaking the budget. IMG_20150612_102826.jpg

 The Fiber PM is a cost-effective laser module designed to deliver a stable multi-mode or single-mode beam wherever you need it via a fiber coupled output. The Fiber PM comes standard with thermal management and a quality laser driver. Available in wavelengths from 405 nm to 780 nm and powers from 5 mW to 20 mW, the temperature resistant fiber will deliver a quality beam even in rugged environments. Fiber core size ranges from 4 um to 9 um.

 “Often a stable beam is needed in an environment that isn’t appropriate for the electronics inside a semiconductor laser module. The fiber coupling makes perfect sense to deliver that beam where it is needed while maintaining a friendlier environment for the electronics themselves” Walter Burgess, VP of Engineering and Sales for Power Technology Inc., said.

 Photonics West is the premier photonics and laser event. With more than 1,250 companies, this exhibition continues to be the flagship event to find the latest products, tools, and applications for research or business needs.

 Power Technology will be demonstrating the Fiber PM and other new, cutting edge laser products at booth 4270 in Exhibit Hall D this week during the trade show. Power Technology has been an annual fixture at the trade show for over 25 years.

 Power Technology, Inc., established in 1969, is a leading manufacturer of lasers for OEM cinema, analytical, biomedical, industrial, semiconductor inspection, defense & security, and machine vision applications. For more information about Power Technology, visit the company’s website at


Contact: Kristopher Hesson, Marketing Manager Power Technology

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