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Posted by Kristopher Hesson on Apr 25, 2016 2:13:34 PM

Our partners at Eagleyard have released a new multimode laser diode. If this fits your application specifications please reach out for pricing and delivery information.


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Eagleyard Photonics GmbH releases multimode laser diode with 20 Watt peak power @ 808 nm
eagleyard’s new 808 nm broad area semiconductor laser diode delivers 20 Watt peak power under pulsed operation from a single emitter.eyP_TO_Package.png

Its high pulse energy and fast rise time makes this laser diode ideally suited for high resolution sensing applications in extreme harsh environments.

• 10 μs pulse width @ 25 kHz repetition rate
• Topt -40°C to +80°C
• available in a hermetically sealed 9 mm TO-housing
• upon request also available with fast axis collimation (FAC)
Multimode laser diodes operate spatially and longitudinally multimode. In this product family we offer wavelengths between 650 and 1120 nm. The output power range is between 1 and 18 Watt in cw mode - in pulse mode it is up to 100 Watt. Stripe widths from 60 μm to 400 μm are available to optimize beam structure and power for various applications.

These laser diodes are used for sensing in space and defense applications, material processing, medical applications, LIDAR or solid-state laser pumping.

Contact Power Technology for pricing and application information.

You will find the relevant datasheet at Eagleyard's website:

About eagleyard:
eagleyard Photonics’ core competence is the development, production and sale of innovative high-power laser diodes based on GaAs (Gallium Arsenide). Its portfolio contains laser diodes with wavelengths ranging from 633 nm to 1120 nm. These laser diodes are addressing a variety of applications such as aerospace and defense, spectroscopy, medical instrumentation, test & measurement and material analysis. The Portfolio is split in five product families: Single Mode Laser Diodes, Single Frequency Laser Diodes, Multimode Laser Diodes, Tapered Amplifiers and Gain Chips. eagleyard is represented worldwide, in particular in Europe, Asia and the United States of America. eagleyard Photonics started as a spin-off from the Ferdinand-Braun Institut (FBH) in 2002. In 2013 Toptica Photonics AG has acquired the majority ownership of Berlin-based eagleyard Photonics GmbH. 

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