Wavelength Wednesday Focus on 445 nm, 656 nm, 808 nm for Entertainment

Posted by Kristopher Hesson on May 4, 2016 1:24:50 PM

Each Wednesday we feature a specific wavelength of light and try to feature a user submitted application. This week we received a beautiful picture from a friend of Wavelength Wednesday.  He has created a device for the entertainment industry called Spirolase. Check it out!

This is one of the most beautiful user submitted pictures we've received. Usually we feature industrial, analytical, scientific  or defense lasers but after seeing this picture we knew it had to be featured. The Spirolase will be released soon and the creator has promised to update Wavelength Wednesday when their product video is available. We will link to it here as soon as we get the link!



445 nm 

656 nm

808 nm 

Website URL

If you're interested in this laser, the creator, Neal from Creative Design, can be reached at nealeedee@gmail.com

Description of Laser Application

Multi-laser device for use in the Entertainment Industry

In their own words: 

"For a few years I wanted to see the effects of actually rotating the laser itself rather then just the beam.

The wavelengths used are 445nm for the blue (1.4w), 656nm for the red (700mw) and for the green I used to use the 808nm, that was then frequency doubled (as used in the pens) until a pure green was released by OSRAM that runs at 320mw. The beams can be switched synced, and dimmed all by the on board processor and servos guide the beams as the whole assembly rotates. It is dmx compatible and will be released soon!"   

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